Friday, November 5, 2010


Change, basically it means "making something...different" and no that isn't the technical term but surely you get the gist...and if you don't stop reading because that's about as simple as it's going to get.

Complaints about the changes that are going on are piling up...and though they're all worded differently they all resonate with the same message "change it back" whatever it was that was changed these fuckin' people want "it" to go back to the way it was...yet whatever was changed was bitched about because it needed to be changed...the summary of this entire post...fuck you...shit changes and not always to your liking...if you'd like to see my additional thoughts...please continue.

these people...that complain about the changes...are usually the same ones that were complaining before the change occurred. Everybody needs something to bitch about...yeah I get that...hell it's the basis of this whole fucking blog...I've already talked about how "no one cares" and believe me we/they/you don't...but that doesn't stop me from talking about it...speaking of I had a flittering thought to do a podcast instead of a blog...until I can come up with extra time or an excuse to do so at work...I will have to save that for another time (I don't know that I could have an explanation for anyone at work about why I'm talking/yelling seemingly to myself...I mean I only do 2 conference calls a week)

Anyway I'm "off course" back to these lazy bastards that post their sob stories about "how it was better before you fucked it up" No one forces you to play this game...I know that once you play this game after the first few days you have developed this false sense of commitment...but you still have the option to NOT play...not that you would ever consider that...after all you're here to "beat the game" good fucking's impossible to beat this game as it was developed without an end...there is no "last level" there isn't a "boss fight" no princess to save or dragon to vanquish...the only end to this game is the one you set for yourself...or perhaps one that is imposed by real life circumstances (court order perhaps?) The entire game and it's concept is an experiment...a test...not for the players but for the developer...making changes in the pursuit of improvement...and by and large anyone who's played this game from the beginning could basically agree that from then to now...that's been accomplished...anyone remember the game before iFrame? Yeah thought so.

But to those that like to whine and complain about the start route button being moved...or that c checks don't appear in the maintenance screen if the aircraft is in flight...can't possibly understand why those two changes were important...The only ones that give "feedback" are the ones that have zero ability to know HOW to do what it is they want changed...a favorite of mine is a 3d map...yeah we all know what it is...but how could you integrate that for every player to map every route? oh oh oh...accurately...we've all seen the threads that say "the red dot is in the wrong spot" or the "that red dot isn't where i live" NO FUCKING SHIT if you go out your front door...get your mother to strap you in the car seat...have her drive past the it covered in red? IS IT? isn't...but if it is take a picture with your prepaid. Oh and on a quasi-related the ones that like to post their trivia knowledge of inactive airports or those that no longer exist...are usually the same people that make the request for more obsolete aircraft...are DC-3s even around for any commercial air service? anywhere? I have no luck i pulled the one old aircraft model out of my ass that IS still in service...if all of this bitching and complaining is any indication of how sad your life REALLY need to get out more...or at least have some's a game...not a simulation (that's a hint for an upcoming topic)

Thursday, November 4, 2010

What To Buy?


1:    B737-800
1:    Challenger 300
2:    Legacy 600
2:    ATR 42-500
1:    B737-100
1:    B737-700
2:    B737-700ER
1:    A319-100CJ
1:    B767-200
4:    An-10
1:    L-1049G Super Constellation
1:    DC-10-10
1:    CRJ 100ER
2:    ERJ 135ER
3:    Viking 1B
2:    AS.57 Ambassador
4:    North Star
3:    DC-3
1:    Yak-40
6:    MD-88
1:    B707
1:    Il-14M
1:    Tu-104
1:    Breguet 941
2:    Breguet 763
3:    Dassault Mercure
1:    Tu-104A

That's your fleet and you're asking what to buy? It seems at one point you were just buying what you could afford...then you switched it up and started buying what you liked...and you seem to have been sticking to that "logic" for your purchasing decisions...and NOW you want to ask what you should buy? Ask what you can sell...your fleet as a whole may be effective but can you tell me or anyone with any level of certainty which of your aircraft/routes are profitable? Go ahead and lie and say you can...I can just imagine the schedule you have to keep to ensure all of your aircraft remain flying...or are you a "once a day" player that doesn't care about your "frequent flyers" remaining on the ground 95% of the time?

To answer your isn't going to matter WHAT you buy...matter in the sense that it will make any positive difference to your bank bought 3 Dassault Mercures...what the fuck did you stop for dummy? You make a lot more money from those then you will from Yaks...and yet you own one of them too? why? did you train on that aircraft? you like the name? I admit it's fun to say but for fuck's sake i wouldn't have bought're better off buying stock...or excess catering (i.e. catering that you can't possibly sell before the contract expires)...the rest of your fleet is just an abortion of aircraft that have no business flying under the same company...but you must be happy with them...or are you considering you never asked for help choosing any of those...and yet here you are asking the question "should i?" NO motherfucker you shouldn't...or YES you doesn't much matter at all to anyone...least of all've already exercised your ability to purchase aircraft independent of anyone's assistance or advice...continue on with that...I can see that it's working out for you...and no I don't plan to mention you by your airline name Scott...I refuse to promote you

No One Cares

The latest example of a pointless thread: "Getting Bored"

While not nearly as pathetic as the "I'm Leaving" threads...I still don't get the point of announcing your boredom...or your exit for that's borderline narcissistic. I mean to make the assumption that anyone cares that you're here (the forums not the planet...that would be a whole other topic) is nothing more than a stupid assumption. Nobody cares you're playing this game...and nobody cares that you're contemplating leaving/starting over/taking a break/etc. If you want to so...don't come posting on the forum looking for support and comfort...anyone who posts telling you "not to quit" is just trying to convince you really want their insight as to what your actions should be regarding this game? Everyone that plays this game is fucked up in some way...and if you're a player of the game reading this and thinking "not me i'm not fucked up" then you're worse off than're not only ignorant to the fact but you're incoherently don't even know that you don't know. Laziness and indecisiveness plague the boards...and on a broader spectrum they plague an entire generation. Not only can these people on the forum not decide what to do...they don't even want to weigh the options and choose...they want to expend their mental energy on forming a question and posing it to a random group of unknown individuals that have only one universal thing in common...they and those they ask are all addicted to the same game...those are some low standards...I wouldn't trust the majority of the forum population to decide what color underwear to put on...let alone decide the fate of my airline. In short one cares what you matter what is said and anyone who claims to have genuine concern for another player's progress is either a fucking liar or has serious attachment issues and inverted priorities.

Wednesday, November 3, 2010

Helpless Guides

What would posses one to draft a document with the intention of helping others...when they have no FUCKING IDEA WHAT THEY'RE TALKING ABOUT?

Yeah...I went there.

Recently...and I say recently because it as of Yesterday a blog was created...a blog "for the people" in this blog...(or is it on this blog...I prefer "in") there is a section titled "My Guide for AM" I'd link you to it but I refuse to drive traffic to that site and besides a month from now who knows if it will still be an active link? Exactly.

So I've got one better...below is the guide in it's entirety (minus the fuel schedule that was c/p'd from the forums)

"This page will explain to you how to get your aircraft from poor to filthy stinking rich. When you do start your airline you will recieve a Boeing B737-800. I recommend that you do sell the plane so then you get a respectable amount of money. Once you have sold the aircraft buy a few Aerospatiele ATR 42-300s. You could also go for a ATR 72-500. Be warned if you get a really expensive aircraft and you only have a couple of grand left, you might end up going bankrupt. But anyway once you have got a bit of money, then is the chance to buy some expensive aircraft that go really far and you can get a couple of million dollars for. You have got to watch how much the maintenance is and what the staff wage bill is. The fuel is also what you have to look out for because the cheapest you can get it at is $400 and I give credit to GiBBy Airlines for this:"

yes...I swear that's the whole I'm not lying...yes I know it's quite brief.

But that's it...according to this guide I should buy a "few" ATR 42-300s...and/or (not really sure) a ( "a" meaning singular or one) ATR72-500...and that's it...that's all it takes to be successful in this game a few of one and/or one of another and you're all set...that is until you have "got a bit of money" (and not before) you can 'buy some expensive aircraft that go really far" (if it's possible to be any more vague PLEASE inform me I'd actually like to know) I could go on...and I probably should but I must say there is ONE thing I agree with, and that is to sell your 737 that you start with in the game.

My Vent


For seven months I've been known in AM as "Black Flight". My time with this game prior to that no one knows because I never once posted on the forums...and to be honest, at the time, I never even noticed them to be part of the game. Fortunately (or not depending) I did "discover" those forums, and I found just one more way to have fun in this know aside from making millions a day and managing the fake travel arrangements of thousands of fake people. The source of this fun is found in the player base...not the entire player base...just the ones that participate on the forums. So for seven months I've been "playing" with some of them...well the ones that have stayed...most have either quit or banned...and no i didn't have anything to do with that...I don't want anyone to be banned from the forums for any reason...ever. Why? simple really...what fun is it to play when you take away all the toys?

Over time (and I define time in this instance as seven months) I have noticed a decline in forum fun...either that is an actual fact or my definition of what a "fun poster" is has subliminally changed. I guess when you do something long enough in the same place you can make a difference...but what do you do when the difference that's been made impacts the reason you're there in the first place? I would like to think that I am among those who have made a positive difference with the players of the game...though I'd also believe that most people would disagree with that. At least I should hope so...I didn't go out into the forum to make was all for fun...and it still is...the forums are just mediocre at best...but I would call them pathetic...every helpful thing is stickied...hardly anything is searched for (and yeah i've seen the search stats) if the forums are any indication of the global population...then it's no wonder the world is FUBAR...the forums are filled with people that are a combination of lazy/stupid...ok some are just "don't know" (ignorant is not an insult...regardless of the negative connotation it has) but the "IDK" crowd is still plagued with laziness because nearly every question has been answered...and is easily found using the search function and an applicable the ignorant are becoming fewer because the "knowledge base" that is the forum is filling with qualified answers to remedial questions...but I didn't come to bore you with this story, because mediocrity can no longer be allowed to raise a glass and keep it high I vow to bring the boards if you're not entertained prepare to be irritated...and if that's the case I have but one question "How much in your face am I ?"