Tuesday, March 1, 2011

You Have Options

So cargo launched yesterday...for some...today for others...and from now on a few more....why not all at once? Simple...the new game addition isn't "free" Not that I take any credit for the "price" or even the idea of charging pax points...but I did suggest it last year, back when cargo was a myth. I even suggested it be at a "10 dollar" price point...which coincidentally is how much 2k pax points costs (unless you're a moron and became am trusted...who's laughing now you fucksticks?)

The boards have erupted with the tears and screams of...about 8 people who "despise" and "hate" this option...fuck you...you don't like it...no one's forcing you to play, you're more than welcome to quit you freeloading fucks. Not everything needs to be spoon-fed to that lazy fuck hole under your nose...you want it...you'll get it at some point, but if you want it now you'll fucking pony up the money to BUY it. People who PURCHASE things are much more appreciative than if it's just handed to them. Everyone that complains and moans and whines about the "price" is a fucking ungrateful bitch that feels an update is OWED to them...FUCK YOU no one owes you a thing least of all some guy half way around the world (depending on your geographical location...hell he could be your god damned neighbor) who stays locked away from sunlight for 23.5 hours a day, chained to his fucking computer just so you people will stop bitching? he's a nicer guy than i because i'd have said "pay up or fuck off" months ago. The fucking nerve and audacity it takes to sit in front of your computer and demand change and results is laughable. So save yourself the stress and aggravation and just quit...you're actually costing money continuing to play...so in a sense you're being paid to play. How fucked up is that? no you're not receiving a check, however you're being saved the charge of playing.

Many questions surround the cargo operation..."is it worth it?" being the number one. There isn't really an answer to that. It's subjective to each individuals perception. If you think it is...then it is...if you think it isn't then it's not...and if you don't know...continue thinking about it until you decide.