Thursday, December 9, 2010

In Summary: WHAT THE FUCK!

Yeah I've been quite quiet...I could use the legitimate excuse of work...and most anyone would understand but that isn't the case...well it is but I have always made time for this game and the people in it. I could talk about all the hard work that's being put in to the continuation of this game...and I could be right about it...but to say that would be a complete and total assumption. For the past 2 weeks I have no idea what the hell is going on...only that whatever is or isn't has completely and totally fucked my "hard work" up...what do i mean you ask? Oh well I'll be happy to share since I'm so done with this cloak and dagger bullshit of what can and can't be shared and what will and won't be fixed.

Just over 2 weeks ago in the name of "troubleshooting" I sold my parked aircraft all 2000 concordes and 220 Tu Concorde clones...along with the extra 188 a380s. Taking my fleet down to 503 aircraft 501 flying a380s one a318 and one 737bbj. All went as planned the staff were reduced by the correct amount I received the exact amount of money due...all was awesome and good in the world.
Phase 2 Fire all excess staff and sell all 501 some of you know you can't fire all of your staff because of 1 of 2 reasons 1: your remaining staff will strike before you reach zero preventing you from doing so...or that bug that just says "fuck you no you can't fire anymore" ok it doesn't actually say that but you know what i'm talking about...and if you don't take my word for it.
Phase 3 rebuy aircraft...and this is where the proverbial shit hits the fan...please note before i started to repurchase I had 1.6trillion in the bank waiting to be spent...I buy 10 a380s and then i buy 10 more 10 more 10 more...and so on until i'd purchased 100...the money displayed was dropping by the correct amounts my staff was rising by the correct amounts...all was good right?...(this is where you nod and say "yep") forgetting what number i was on i click my fleet page...and there they are 100 a380s and 1 each of the previously listed. finding my number i return to buy 401 more...doing so I go to set my routes...what's this i need to buy a plane first?...i have 503 total aircraft each one with a fully trained crew that is paid by the day to sit there...i have aircraft...plenty of aircraft...

Alas the game refused to what do i do...wait and see if it changes after maintenance? sell them all off and try it again?...nah i'll wait it's a maint issue it will get worked out...i mean this was all to find a bug right? guess i found one right? maintenance comes and goes...i get to some shit and say hey let's go set some routes and make some money....i log into the my mail (thank you again to my understanding investors that had no issue with going from a 16k stock value to a 9k stock value) and then check my fleet...fleet "2" routes "0" wait what the hell? 2 i just bought 501 a380s account reflects i said fuck it...i'll just go buy 100 more and take it up with the dev later...i buy 100 a380s check my fleet new aircraft still just the same 2..."oh well this is just some perfect bullshit" i say to myself...actually it was outloud thankfully i'm always saying that so no one decided to ask what the issue was...i don't need to explain that i'd wasted billions on planes that don't exist.

So i put all of this in an email and send it off...keeping my personal opinion and view out of it (yeah i'm just that fucking capable) and i wait...and wait...and wait. nothing no fix no resolution...nothing changes...well the next day i catch dev online and bend his ear about it...then we get to talking about the other bugs and issues...and how basically whatever glitches are left will have to work themselves out...i said "hmmm while i can appreciate and understand that stance...i have a small issue regarding my summary i'm not able to play" and that was all that was said.

So as of now I don't play AIRLINE manager I play just "manager" I have 1100ish employees most of which are on strike I still have 750ish billion in cash (mostly small bills 5's and 20's) that I and my employees roll around in...I have 2 aircraft that I drag race on far the a318 is winning in the quarter mile. Testing for cargo is over...or at least for me it's been taken down off the beta either that means it's complete or it's been pushed back again...just felt like i needed to vent and after all this is the fucking place i created to do so...only this time i'm not ripping on other players but the game itself...oh and if you are looking for me...i'm ruling the trivia room.