Thursday, March 24, 2011

Take Note...and Take Notice

Did I Quit?...the a word: Yes. For reasons that don't matter. The boards are an entirely different subject. To all of the punk/pussy fucking cunt/whore bitch/bastards who the incessant need to continually post the stupid ass attention-seeking bullshit. I will oblige you, remember:
I do this all for the sport only, you see...

it's fun for me you'll never "throw" me or dissuade me from this course so blow me At the top: it's lonely.
So who better to leave your jaws on the floor with no remorse, to leave you with no recourse. To have you scream at your screen until you're hoarse, or so the story goes and i won't stop the saga not even Obi can stop this force, and you've got little choice as i remain the most controversial voice this place has ever known, and i'm not quite fact I haven't even started, everyone should probably quit reading right now, as it's only going to get better/worse as i continue.

Into the fray, I go, armed with a saw blade and lunch tray, with a handful of garbage bags for the mess to be made. Evil? I see, hear, and speak it. fuck that other weak shit. as the saying goes hoes "put all your eggs in the same basket" because you CAN count every motherfucking egg before it hatches. Why do i do this? Stop asking me what the fuck for. Half you people are honest admitting you want more, the rest all seem to think I'm the problem...get a clue i'm not done...this isn't over.

The hypocrites treat me like "i killed kenny"
Not to worry i can do this all day "gas in the tank?" "yep! still plenty"
It should be clear there are no morals instilled in me
Remorse? I really don't feel any
I know a few don't like me...let's be honest it's probably a few too many. So if I seem a little mean to you, this isn't even close you've never even seen the truth. Don't believe me? did you want graphic? OK we can take the scenic route.

Go find this:

Install several (read "many") of these in random and various places:

Coat and cover in this:

then roll it in these:

when it dries completely wrap in this:

then soak in this for 12 hours:

get one of these:

Ignite what you've created and continually and repeatedly insert and remove in rapid succession into the anus of your target. Point made? Or feel free to simply grab a tray and hack at the neck with the thin bit.

Some say I'm sick...I don't care...i just realized i'm talking to no one because there isn't anyone there. I've got so many punchlines it doesn't even seem fair. Please someone test me consider it a dare.