Thursday, May 12, 2011

Wipe Out!

The following is in reference to this thread

OK so i had to pop over here because I had an epiphany about the boards. The boards (all of them not just those of AM but for the sake of relevance i will keep focus on them) the boards are an ass...not a donkey mule etc...but an actual sphincter. and from that sphincter flows a river of the form of...c'mon see the connection...if board is to anus then shit is to...POSTS yes you win...two gold you have this anus with shit coming out of it...and at times...there's a lot of posting/shitting going on. You could say the AM boards suffers from IBS...there's just so much shit and it's caused by so many things/players and it just won't stop! now most people with high functioning brains knows that after you shit you wipe...well we as am players do not possess the ability to wipe our own shit...we can't be trusted...if we all had that ability there would be a veritable shit storm of wiping and the boards would be wiped from existence...knowing this the dev created the first wiper...he saw this and it was good...for those that need a history lesson i was the first wiper...but wiper isn't a proper we'll go with Moderator Alpha...anyway...back then there was a lot of shit...a lot of shit about a lot of different shit...mostly about that business jet shit...but anyway...tensions were running high i was being chastised for being involved in the stirring up of of not being impartial...not from players mind rather than fight the battle that was no longer fun i said "fuck it" (hah! found that ewe...i knew it was around here somewhere) and i stepped down as the wiper of the boards...a month or so goes by...

and two new wipers are created

Moderators Beta and Gamma (is gamma next i can't remember maybe iota...whatever you get the gist)

and the dev saw this and it was good...wonderful...two people two different patrol enforce and encourage compliance from a board community that...for lack of a better word was dying. Shit happens ebb and flow right? so now there are two wipers wiping shit from the boards...only this time with a bit more finesse and accuracy...being able to remove specific posts...rather than obliterate entire topics...and the dev saw this and it was good.

a few weeks later...for whatever fucked up reason (man these ewes are falling from the sky) a third shit wiper is created...why? who knows...can't be work load...shit's not's's's dirty (hey it's shit what do you expect) but for whatever reason 3 wipers for one ass is deemed required...Hopefully we can tag them as "moderator omega" because i swear if someone pops up and says "hey i'm the secret mod" i'm going to shit enough bricks to build a fucking house. they won't be the 3 ass wipers and nose blowers anymore...we can call them the 4 horsemen of the apocalypse because that will be the end of the boards. but no to all you fucks who aren't a fan of me...i still wouldn't quit i'll be here even then to reign down hell on the heads of the stupid lazy e-tards who have the nerve to spew the shit that has to be wiped...which reminds me i have a point...and now it's time to make it sharp.

xjet's thread was hoo fucking the shit was fucking what...there was nothing of merit or note that could even be moderately construed as  helpful informative or entertaining. Which by the way each thread should contain at least 1 of those three characteristics...if you can't help...inform...if you can't help or inform...entertain...and if you can't do any of the 3 stick to responding not authoring. Just because everyone CAN make their own thread does NOT mean they should...think of creating a post like cutting your own hair...yes you COULD take scissors to your skull...but you could also lose an eye and/or an ear and let's be honest for just one fucking moment with some of the people that post on the boards...they stand an equal chance of losing either as they do of succeeding at a hairdo restyle.

Why should anyone extend their "understanding" of oh he's a kid walks into a bar/strip club/ or other adult establishment and everyone should put their drinks down...put their shirts on...and turn the music down? REALLY? oh hell no fuck you. You know i forget who did it but someone did a study on how many kids 10 and under in the US alone have facebook accounts? ILLEGAL facebook accounts? over 5 million! and that's just 10 and under that's not even counting the 11 and 12 year olds which i would gather would be an additional 1-3 million...nor is that counting the rest of the fucking double it...11 million kids illegally on facebook...and do you know why they aren't allowed on facebook? because of me...i am the driving influence..ok not ME personally but those of similar ideals/beliefs/behavior. So these snot nosed little kids who wanna play a "big boy" game should know why it's a "big boy" game in the first and not because of the foul language...i and others have proven all too well that i don't need my "four lettered friends" to make a point, or to take said point and shove it up the ass or down the throat of anyone that i deem fit for the receiving of said point.  However, those little words are fun to use and make it so i don't have to use 8 words to make the same impact as just the one. however the combination of those 8 words and 1 4 letter word does make for a rather spectacular response.

The directive stands:

Stupid fucking topics will be met with extreme prejudice. Your age and life experience is completely and totally irrelevant. You don't like it? I don't have any fucks to give. Do i actively hunt for topics to respond to...absolutely...and the season is open on fucktards that type without using their brain. I hate stupid people, hate is a strong word...but if you can think of one stronger that embodies the true meaning of hate...i'd love to hear from you...i've been needing a better word that fully encompasses my feeling.

Sincerely with all my Love,

Black Flight

Director of Special Attention