Thursday, February 3, 2011



That about sums it up wouldn't you say? I mean really it's been a bloody fucking MONTH since there has been anything to post about...I was going to do a whole big write up about...fuck i can't even remember their name...isn't that fucking sad? I mean no one is memorable anymore. Those that were once the minority are now the majority...and i'm not talking about the fuckstick retards...i'm referring to the regulars...well the regulars that are left.

why is it that the now mass majority of people on the forum pretend to be so well versed in this game? I've noticed that there aren't as many stupid fucking questions as there are stupid fucking answers

i don't remember any of the people that are giving these answers but they are certainly "golden swan" material and could easily be mistaken for some of his blood relatives. All of these self professed experts on the "ins and outs" of the game

What kind of fucking bullshit is that? There are so many possible facets to this game to research discuss debate and explore that not even the developer has considered every possible side...and yet here we have these numbnutted fucking douchebags giving their "10 cents of input" in the name of assistance? REALLY? these delusional motherfuckers are actually fooling themselves into believing they understand this game enough to explain it to someone else? Good fucking luck pal...i've been at this game for quite awhile now and i still have more questions than answers. (yes even before my stock when fucking south for the second word on that either)
Why does everyone have to be the genius? why is it that every single fucking player in this game that's on this forum have to be an expert? is there really such a thing? sure the common questions and such are easy to answer...wait hold on...let me rephrase that...the common questions SHOULD be easy to answer for most anyone with an IQ in the double digits.

My question is...where in the fucking hell are all the stupid pricks? Are they in hibernation? did they see their shadow and go back into their hole for another 6 weeks i mean what the fuck it's been a month!