Wednesday, December 29, 2010

Lock and Load

'Tis the season of giving...and the boards have been no exception. I must have been good this year because the forums have added a few new people...and while they are equally deserve focus...for now I'd like to focus on just one...the golden goos--er bird...oh swan...whatever.

I've recently learned that GSA has been reading the boards for...almost a at first I was rather impressed with that...but then I considered the source...and I'm now less than thrilled. Mainly it hinges on his definition of "almost" for me almost means more than 75% his percentage could quite possibly be far less...hell it could be just 2 days worth of not 2 full days...not even a combined amount equal to 24 hours...if his reading time is more than 4 hours worth I'd be shocked...i mean honestly...the forums are fun but it's not a book i'd read (no pictures) So anyway this GSA character wants to give the impression that he's now an expert on all things pertaining to the forum...and he's learned that people like to insult others for no apparent reason...his words not mine...i do however commend his use of the word "apparent". I briefly touched on this thought he had on the forums...and now like then...what really irritates me is that after all of his "reading" he still has no idea why some people have an issue with others that post stupid shit...personally i'm prejudice against "stupid" i have absolutely no tolerance for it...I have it listed as a "known allergy" in my medical records. In fact, if there isn't a bumper sticker that reads "stupid kills" consider that for your next million dollar idea. I hate stupid...but what's people who defend the stupid (although i could go off on a political rant...i will resist) GSA do you have the "hero's disease" ya know...the uncontrollable drive to put yourself between an idiot and a speeding train...the unexplainable urge to take a bullet for a moron? (family excluded even i'd take a flesh wound for a stupid cousin) Please don't misunderstand me...I'm enjoying your infestation on the boards...keep it up and you could actually make "the list" not many do...but you'd think with the amount of attempts so many make that making "the list" was a "good" thing...well "good" is relative...what's good for the goose is good for the gand--swan right? right.

I wonder with all of this "in depth reading" that GSA has managed to do...why is it he's choosing to fail at this game that is designed to be nearly impossible to do so? after a week of playing his stock is still at 7 cents and still going down? Now i'm not suggesting he play "my way" or "your way" or any other way but his own...however even a half wit knows that when you're fucking up...change your process. I'm sure i will revisit this topic or make a new one should GSA continue to play...but he's been here "almost a week" so i don't have much to work with...however i just noticed codio has asked a question of "why" muahahahahahhhaa