Friday, December 17, 2010

My Comment Continued

For you kids just tuning in that have no idea what i'm talking about...or will be talking about's the link

Roela, I'd ask what's wrong with you...but I'm quite confident that the doctors have yet to diagnose. I'm sure it's nothing serious, otherwise you woudn't be allowed on the internet...not that you should be...just that it's quite apparent that no one is stopping you.

From the progress of your game i'd say you've got a lot to learn...or just need more time to's pathetic and just plain pitiful

511 a380s
5 Concordes
27 Tu-144s

and a stock value of $1,936.23?
Are you doing your best? If you've got any investors are you doing them proud? There are dozens of airlines with less aircraft and a higher stock value...and yet here you are flaunting not even a modicum of advice that is nothing more than a date and price for fuel...which in the grand scheme (not even the grand scheme any ole scheme will do) of things has a value of absolute zero...if a player happens to be around during that 200 dollar price time...great they've saved half of what they would have should they be around when it's 400...please note that should you not have a strong grasp of comprehension...the key to the two statements i just made are...the players must be online...if this was your greatest attempt at contributing any assistance at all to anyone that plays this've have failed in the most pitiful of ways.
Tell me...when you "discovered" this information did you prance around the room? You were filled with such pride and glee that you felt the immediate need to publish your findings in the hopes of capturing all the fame and attention you've been denied up to this point in your miserable existence. 

Oh made a half ass rambling about my job or needing to get back to it...something about gate guarding or concierge or something...must have gotten lost in translation...i'm sure in your native language what you said was quite profound and meaningful...perhaps even eloquent and effective...however i must inform wasn't. My profession is of little concern of yours however...many know that i'm afforded the ability to frequently check in on the forums throughout the day...4 days a week...many if not all of the regulars have noticed that saturday sunday and monday...i'm not around...why? because when i'm not at work i'm enjoying my time away...and having a 3 day weekend every weekend is quite during those days please feel free to make use of your pre paid internet time and continue making lewd comments and posing as an arbiter of game knowledge...people need to laugh...think of it as a way of being useful...we need to laugh at someone's expense and currently at this's yours

Thursday, December 16, 2010

5 Minutes of Fame

No...I didn't forget the "1" this punk kid isn't getting 15 minutes...he's lucky to get 5. Ryan owes me, I'm promoting him right now.

Oh who's Ryan you ask?

This dirty douche 19 year old that for whatever reason decided to go "full retard" and pick a name for his airline that most find offensive...personally I refuse to give him the satisfaction of being offended...obviously that was his motivation and point of choosing such a name. Just another "attention whore" that will do apparently anything to get a "second look" or elicit comments from others to incite some type of confrontation. What a stupid seriously a STUPID fuck he must be...him and his only friend probably stumbled onto this game while surfing facebook...on the same computer (if you can pretend that Beavis and Butthead were Canadian huddled around a monitor snorting and snickering at various things you get the idea) so butthead says to ryan "heh hey ryan i found this game heh heh you get to control an airline...let's play and name ourselves after a famous German...that would be funny" While a few details may be omitted from my story...I'm quite positive that it's accurate.

Anyway as to my response to his "dump and run" style of thread authoring (just in case you forgot or still have no idea what the fuck i'm talking about)

your opening statement shows just how dense you are. Even if you were paying only 6k a it isn't "proper" to pay such a number...but your dumbass chose to keep blindly clicking that "raise" button...what a fucking've got 425 a380s which is proof to anyone starting out that a purebread idiot can succeed in this game. I'd ask if you ever stop to think about the consequences of using that button but it's quite clear that you have zero skills in the power of deduction. I was wondering if you have equal difficulty tying your fucking shoes...but i presume you're still rocking those velcro kicks.

Curious though, you've yet to return to your "forum vomit"  to witness an entire thread discussing your name and not your question/observation. Is the feedback you're receiving not how you'd envisioned? were you expecting an overwhelming amount of agreement and support in the matter of your daily wage expenses? Considering the generation of which you're apart...i wouldn't doubt it...i'd go so far as to believe you were looking for comfort and praise for having done "such a good job" and were prepared to be showered with excuses and comments about how "it isn't your fault" and no matter what "you're a special boy" Grow the fuck up you one gives a flying fuck about how much you're paying FAKE one...and honestly not even were just bored some 20 hours ago and needed to whine and bitch about's pathetic that was your only gripe. That name you've got...keep it...but if for whatever reason you're asked to change it...pick something that reflects who and what you are..."canadian cunt airlines" that about sums it up

Tuesday, December 14, 2010

Communication Information Clarification

As many of you---wait if you're reading this and you've read anything here before in the past couple of weeks then ALL of you know...and not just many of you...anyway as you know (hah i could have just said that couldn't i?) my current game has issues (a subscription of them so it seems) and while the status hasn't changed/improved/worsened I am finally certain that the developer knows what's going on...officially. Of which i feel it only fair that now having talked at length with him i need to point out that my opinion of him "not caring" about the issues in the game was not a fair assessment of the situation...and while i may have felt that way before...after having the conversation end on a "good note" i know that isn't the case. I've been assured that my game will be "looked into" and "resolved" in what way i have no idea...but i'm sure something will come of it. That's all for seems there's some reading to do on the forum...which i'm sure will spawn a second post for the day.

Monday, December 13, 2010

On Strike

Well it's late...or early whatever it's fucking 1am

Let's get something out of the way...i'm no longer the moderator for the boards...i had a choice...i can be "me" or i can be a moderator...modding wasn't ever any fun...being a "finger shaker" is what the dev wants...oh wait for those that don't know what that is it's when you shake your finger pointing at someone while saying "no no no" what i mean's pointless...besides i've said it before why the fuck do i want people to stop...if they do i've got nothing to say...and you know me i've always got something to say...and if i don't i blabber on until i think of now...not actually i'm actually giddy with words. so i'll get to it.

TWO WEEKS! ok maybe it hasn't been two full weeks since i've had aircraft flying...but it "feels" like it has been...and it's something that i accept...and if it's fixed i haven't heard no calls no emails no messages nothing...ah well fuck it...even if it is fixed i wont play and i'm certainly not going to pay...fuck it fuck the game fuck the dev fuck the beta fuck cargo...but not the forum...that's the only thing that has always been glitch free...the only actual source of fun. So that's my game is on strike but it's open season in the forum.

See i've read the thread from Rawling on the private contest...and frankly it seems like an awesome that i'd be onboard for if i gave shit...about the game. But i've run this race twice...the second time was better than the first...but a third...under the current conditions...with unexplainable glitching and incessant bitching? nah i'm good in "all ahead stop" mode. besides did you see my badge page? do i really want to do THAT again? no...and if i did restart i'd have to do it again...and i honestly don't want to.

This was going to go on the forum...but the game is down for maintenance (read as more shit breaking) so i'm putting it here...i can see this getting a lot more postings a lot more the coming days/weeks i plan to discuss a few things about the game's workings...and that guide i'm working on...yeah it's going here not the boards.

oh and for those that posted about my game situation...thank you for the concern but it's just a fucking i'm proving to be doing just fine without :P