Tuesday, December 14, 2010

Communication Information Clarification

As many of you---wait if you're reading this and you've read anything here before in the past couple of weeks then ALL of you know...and not just many of you...anyway as you know (hah i could have just said that couldn't i?) my current game has issues (a subscription of them so it seems) and while the status hasn't changed/improved/worsened I am finally certain that the developer knows what's going on...officially. Of which i feel it only fair that now having talked at length with him i need to point out that my opinion of him "not caring" about the issues in the game was not a fair assessment of the situation...and while i may have felt that way before...after having the conversation end on a "good note" i know that isn't the case. I've been assured that my game will be "looked into" and "resolved" in what way i have no idea...but i'm sure something will come of it. That's all for now...it seems there's some reading to do on the forum...which i'm sure will spawn a second post for the day.

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