Monday, December 13, 2010

On Strike

Well it's late...or early whatever it's fucking 1am

Let's get something out of the way...i'm no longer the moderator for the boards...i had a choice...i can be "me" or i can be a moderator...modding wasn't ever any fun...being a "finger shaker" is what the dev wants...oh wait for those that don't know what that is it's when you shake your finger pointing at someone while saying "no no no" what i mean's pointless...besides i've said it before why the fuck do i want people to stop...if they do i've got nothing to say...and you know me i've always got something to say...and if i don't i blabber on until i think of now...not actually i'm actually giddy with words. so i'll get to it.

TWO WEEKS! ok maybe it hasn't been two full weeks since i've had aircraft flying...but it "feels" like it has been...and it's something that i accept...and if it's fixed i haven't heard no calls no emails no messages nothing...ah well fuck it...even if it is fixed i wont play and i'm certainly not going to pay...fuck it fuck the game fuck the dev fuck the beta fuck cargo...but not the forum...that's the only thing that has always been glitch free...the only actual source of fun. So that's my game is on strike but it's open season in the forum.

See i've read the thread from Rawling on the private contest...and frankly it seems like an awesome that i'd be onboard for if i gave shit...about the game. But i've run this race twice...the second time was better than the first...but a third...under the current conditions...with unexplainable glitching and incessant bitching? nah i'm good in "all ahead stop" mode. besides did you see my badge page? do i really want to do THAT again? no...and if i did restart i'd have to do it again...and i honestly don't want to.

This was going to go on the forum...but the game is down for maintenance (read as more shit breaking) so i'm putting it here...i can see this getting a lot more postings a lot more the coming days/weeks i plan to discuss a few things about the game's workings...and that guide i'm working on...yeah it's going here not the boards.

oh and for those that posted about my game situation...thank you for the concern but it's just a fucking i'm proving to be doing just fine without :P


  1. Shall we just direct all the what AM trusted
    how am I doing's
    what plane next
    how do you buy fuel etc to you here ?
    That should keep you off the streets :)

  2. aloha Matt, i can understand your frustration it sucks' I' ll keep looking at the tray smasher in here and still happy for seeing your comments on the boards.
    rumbling through the sky.
    interesting topics will come up, I'm quite certain.
    mahalo Shilo