Wednesday, January 5, 2011

The Show Must Go On

Cause some things just never change It's better when they stay the same and Although the whole AM world knows my name So on this new year they came to play this game It shouldn't be difficult to explain
Just how easy it is to play, I hate the fame but love the game, cold as ice I remain. All the critics do is complain, so Fuck em' all, tell'em all eat shit, here we go again.

Evening all...i know i know i usually make my updates in the morning (my time...i know it may or may not be evening where you are so please substitute with an applicable word)

It has been over 24 hours since yuvi proclaimed that "it" "wasn't over" now using context clues i have managed to discover that the "it" to which he was referring was *this* between he and i...proclamations like that are rarely made...however ironically they are in actuality an announcement that it is indeed they have nothing else to say at that they feel the need to "bait" the opponent into believing that at some point in the future that "it" will continue...ah well...what little hope i had...has faded and i have come to the realization that yuvi will not make a "second attempt" in fact i have it on good authority that little yuvi was in the chat room last night spilling out apologies like a drunk on a unicycle...and as heart warming as that spectacle may have been...apologies by proxy are not acceptable. i have decided that the show must go on...after all this is a's entertainment...and needing a "live target" has never been a requirement before....why should now be any I've compiled a list of a few quotes that yuvi has made on the forums to which i will base tonight's entry on...i am also including the links to those threads in case you'd like to see to what he was responding and the responses he may have received...enjoy (please know that while i may have responded to some of these on the forums i felt it necessary to revisit them and devote an actual unbridled reply)

yuvi said:  BFA, shut it. If people are voicing out their opinions, you do not say anything to them unless you disagree or agree to them. It's like there's no democracy in this game and matt is apparently crushing it.

Well looky at you...the little one is shaking his finger and giving me a few entries from his "do not do" list. Look sport...i know you think you're all "high and mighty" on your "moral high horse" but the truth're just "high" on various household cleaning products...there is no way you're shutting me up...i'm just voicing my opinion...and while you say i can't say anything unless i disagree or agree with them (makes no FUCKING sense by the way) I can choose to respond without taking a position on either side. and to say there is no democracy in this're abso-fucking-lutely right you dumb shit...there never was omitted by design...there is ANARCHY....and there is MONARCHY (anarchy on the forum and monarchy in the game) the two exist separately and yet are dependent on each other. You are so very gullible to actually believe that democracy even exists in the REAL doesn't

in the same thread yuri went on to say this

@ALA, the original topics that i posted on were what plane to buy, etc. for newbies who needed alot of help. PLUS I POSTED THE LINK. Why is BFA and all of you "picking" on me for goodness sake. I mean all I did was post it to the newbie and BFA had to butt in. I'm pissed and this is not over. And to be honest, he's raging on everyone. He's the most arrogant gamer I've met. Buying pax points and stuff does not make him good. He's just spending his mom's money on a game that he started on the first day of the release to get an A380 like a loser that he is. And I'm the scapegoat. Why am I the target of everyone. If you see all the posts, he's raged on newbies, gave sarcastic answers and insulted people like me. To stop this arguement, I'm willing to say sorry but, first I want an answer why everyone is so scared of him, backing him and making me the scapegoat

you asked a question here that i feel you actually deserve an answer asked why i am picking on make it easier with each of your thoughtless fact it's TOO there a difficulty setting that can be changed...perhaps you have a friend of which you believe to be of some measurable intelligence that may take up an identical or similar position on the boards? It would be nice to have someone capable of standing on their own for a LENGTHY if not PERMANENT period of time...perhaps you have an older no not your 9year old sister...(girls at that age are rather scary).

I mentioned it before...but claim that "all you did" was post a link for the newbie...listen ARE a newbie...that group you attempt to separate yourself from you're in it...why? simple...stop and look at your progress...does your stock value have a value greater than 1000...greater than 500....greater than 100....greater than 90 80 70? no? well good god man...perhaps you should learn to play a bit better...the only thing more pathetic than you is the guy're still more pathetic. Not that it's possible to actually WIN this game...there is no "last level" there isn't a "boss fight" there isn't an design (like all facebook games) they are designed to NEVER END...why? so you keep coming's a fucking business model (no not the naked kind in the magazines your mother reads)

You go on to talk about how i "rage" on not everyone...just every imbecile that makes use of a keyboard...ok ok not EVERY single one...but i do my fair share of "forum hunting" (after all "dumb hunting" is a year around season) and i do try to maximize my time on the forums doing as such. You then title me as "the most arrogant gamer you've ever met" listen fuckstick...we've never met...and the only reason you know my fucking name is because we're on a social networking site and it's displayed for the WORLD to con-grat-u-fucking-lations you now know something that anyone else with an internet connection is capable of knowing. WHOOP-DI-FUCKING-DOO

By the is it you believe i bought pax points? because i have 2 business jets? because i have a moderate amount of a380s? because i have a bank balance of over 1 trillion? because i have a stock value of over 17k? yeah ok i bought pax points...think of it as my way of paying for YOUR game...oh and here's another fun fact about my account...i still have another 8200...and while my mother didn't buy a single point for me (having to explain to my mother what the fuck a pax point is...why i want it...and why at my age i'm incapable of doing it on my not a discussion i wish to have...i assure you should i choose to do mother would then call my wife and have her smack me twice) i know that she'd buy me a few thousand points...what can i say i know she loves me...would your momma do the same? doubtful i suppose that my having a mother who would and you having one that wont should cause me to have some kind of pity for you....i don't...wait lemme check...............nope no pity all out of it...hadn't stocked it since '88 not a big demand for pity around here...doesn't do much any good.

and no you aren't the're the jackass bitch boy

oh and in that last little wanted to know why people are scared of me? can you name one person (other than yourself obviously) that is SCARED of me? do i haunt you? do terrifying thoughts creep into that feeble mind of yours at the very mention of my name? WOW you're more stupid than i imagined (not that i actually imagined you being stupid...i don't need an imagination to do that...but the level of stupidity that exists is profound)
oh and to dangle an apology only on the demand of receiving a "why for"'ve got your balls tangled up (assuming they dropped of course...and if you don't know what that means...we really need to have a talk about your schooling) you are not going to present an ultimatum especially to ME...because it's "fuck you" fact i think i need to elaborate.

You feel like you wanna hit something, your fist clenches, your pissed I can tell You just wanna make your point without hearing any shit. You're bout to get your shit pushed in, and I'm just inches away so wouldn't you say I'm splitting your shit wide open, that no stitches could save  So die with your eyes open, you hope this isn't the way You end up going out, I know I sure wish this wasn't the way, but I guess it just is I'm afraid.
Chainsaws, razors, trays, scissors and blades make Jason and Freddy say "isn't this great" On-lookers participate in this ass-kicking debate. They're starting to take place in multiple threads Little did you know there'd be an all-out brawl and it can get more violent than Christmas Eve at the mall. Emergency personnel rush to the murder scene, but it's too late because, It's absolute pandemonium, whisked away In a ambulance is your fate, nothing nobody could have told you when you logged into facebook today coulda made you anticipate Such an ass whooping, okay, so you get mad when I comeback and attack you...bitch you attacked me first so shut the fuck up and take it like a man.

but what really took things to a whole new level (lower not higher...this motherfucker is completely void of class)

when yuvidev said
to be honest, black flight is a raging faggot who is seriously in need to socialize with people? Did some kid in school give you a wedgie? Did they slap your face left and right? Seriously? YOU'RE A FREAKING FAGGOT. I built my company with the help of the community and I'm helping them also, do well in this game. Just because you played this game before we did or used paypal to buy pax does not make you good, in fact, it makes you a bigger loser. Anyways, I love this community and I'd love to help them. YOU'RE JUST A FREAKING PROUD AND ARROGANT person. Let the others enjoy the benefit. Plus the website also states other things and a full guide ALONG WITH THE EXCEL FILE. And which generation are you living in? If you open it in a new tab you can open it with google spreadsheet and your last sentence just made fun of the whole community.

(I'd just like to make one thing perfectly clear...the following may contain references that may commonly be associated with homosexuals...if you take offense to this...FUCK YOU i'm not talking to should highly consider NOT reading the following...the following is not my personal stance on homosexuality (be it men with men or women with women...i draw the line at beast/human if you want my personal view) I'm merely returning the notion that was given to me...consider this yet another warning within a warning...don't get pissy and if you're wearing panties...take them the fuck off i don't want you getting them in a bunch...ok? good.)

So now i'm a faggot? REALLY? hmm perhaps i should inform the wife that a fucking cocksucker from the interwebz has outted me as a fag. What gender someone prefers to fuck has zero to do with anything other than that actual whether youre a fag or lez a hermaph or a trans-a-vest if you wear pants or a dress I couldn't care i a i'm hetero-phobic and these are motherfucking balls you need to let go of ' relax yuvidev while i do like gay men...i don't fuck them. The fact that you had nothing more original (and consequently nothing more insulting to everyone ELSE) shows that you were "singing your swan song" (no pun intended on your twinky bitch-ass friend)
You built your company with the help of the community? NAME ONE FUCKING PLAYER that helped you that has a stock value greater than YOURS...I'm not going to wait for a list...I'd never get this entry finished if i did. your company is a fucking suck...whatever it was you were doing before you started playing go back to doing...i'm sure you did it a whole lot better than followed the advice from an out of date 3rd party blog thinking it was "the secret to your success" you've yet to succeed sport...i'd say you're quite the douche but i really don't feel like explaining to you what that is. You go on to say how you're helping the community...again could you please show me where the FUCK this community is that you're helping...because the forum of the game has only been privy to the textual excrement that you've been dumping all over the different threads...excrement...fancy word for know the substance for which you are full of? well nearly full of i suppose there's enough room inside you for a bit more as you're not old enough to even DRIVE yet...and i'd hate to think for one fucking nano-second that you've peaked at age 9.
You're right i am a proud and arrogant person...proud i'm not a fucking retard who feels the need to explain to the INTERNET WORLD how to open up a fucking excel file in explicit detail...did you just discover google docs and think about how cool it is that you can open up nearly anything from ANYWHERE? Oh and that blog's guide...isn't even a full guide...but you wouldn't know that because you've yet to finish the last few steps.

Yuvi goes on to say in the same thread
 people, people, people, he's a freaking brat and has no life. He doesn't want to help or give back to the community but just wants to rage on people. Dont believe me? Look at this and other posts he's been involved in, he's just raged on everyone. This faggot is uncaring and is inhuman. PLUS, im sharing the link straight away so keep your email address with yourselves. So much for networking. This idiot just had to spoil everything. Anyways, i shared the link. Check it out. Plus, IN NO WAY DID I CLAIM THAT I WAS THE AUTHOR TO THAT.
I'm sure you'll love it. Just take a look at it. ;)

before i was arrogant...then i was a raging faggot...your follow up to that was a freaking brat? oh wait or were you pacing yourself with all that i am? could be i guess i mean it is entirely possible for a freaking arrogant proud raging faggot brat to exist....that's quite a title if i were to put that on my business card i'd need to use 2 plus the back...along with an explanation of how this title was bestowed upon me by a nincompoop (see i can use just one word)  You go on to say that I have no life and that i don't want to give back to the community? C'mon how fucked up are you? (don't answer dumbass i don't expect you to have an even estimated percentage) First and foremost i'd prefer the community to not be confused by the ramblings of a total idiot who is incapable of authoring their own assistance but rather to simply make use of "copy and paste"...consequently though nearly a year ago i too wrote a little diddy...and it got stickied...and for whatever reason people still read it...and still use it...because it's still works (oh wait i guess that's the fucking reason isn't it still fucking works) now while it isn't the only way to play...the way that you're advertising is certainly an inferior and less effective way of play so much so that it's possible one could fail should they NOT follow that guide exactly. Oh and being sure that others will love it...considering they have nothing from you to merit that statement quite a stretch....for you to endorse anything unknown to others means doesn't matter if YOU like it...if people don't like you (and by and large they fucking dont) why would they like anything you do? Now some people don't like me either...but people like having someone not to like...others however love me...and me...i don't fucking give a shit love me or hate me i'm gonna be me..."haters gonna hate" isn't that how that goes? so go ahead and do your thing...and i'll do mine and in a week let's see who's still doing it?

and the remaining blurbs from the forums

omg. there's really no point arguing. He's a faggot and that's true cause he's raging on people like a retard for no reason. Secondly, go ahead, call me what you want. Helping is just something that doesn't exist in the 21st century.

Plus, now what happened to the airline investing thing huh?


Dude. keep quiet and stop defending your leader, please.
And why would you call me the N word again? I can literally sue you for this.

there's no point in've got that right...there never was sadly it took you quite a bit to see the obvious.
the fact that you define faggots because i rage on people like a retard for no reason?

ok listen up sport...first there is a reason for everything because you have no idea how to identify a motive for even the simplest of actions does not mean that the rest of us are incapable of doing so (thankfully) and you're right there is no helping you you're not only helpless but hopeless and it's the 21st century...with all the advancements in behavioral and medical science you would think they'd have created a pill to fix you by now.

as for you saying that you didn't say to use that excel sheet and you'll be a billionaire one're right you didn't say that...follow my guide to completion and you'll be a me...if you don't want to that's up to you...but if you do...then the work has been done for you...which after all isn't that what most people want when they hop on the a question wait for a response...they don't want to figure it out for themselves they want to be spoon guide takes it just a step further and says "hey you hungry? do this...and keep doing it until you've had enough" you're pathetic

Oh and you can't sue anyone for shit you fucking dumbfuck...first of all you're not calling YOU a niggar would only offend those that ARE (by the offense to those that may be reading this...i don't like using that word and it's not part of my vocabulary...however referring to it as "the n word" is just as offensive because everyone already knows what you mean and to me...there are so many words that start with N...i figure i shouldn't leave anything to assumption)

there is no way for you to prove without a doubt who said what...further international law does not protect people from verbal slander across INTERNATIONAL LINES YOU FUCKING're THERE and i'm HERE...where are you going to take me to court? your place? you going to have your government extradite me? for "crimes against an internet citizen in the 2nd degree" you must be joking...surely you see just how stupid you are to say "i could sue you" which translates to...i won't because i have no idea how...but if i knew how and it were possible i could do it...even then you'd have to PAY to do which case i'd love to see how mommy would think of you spending your milk money to hire a fucking attorney to sue the guy that called you a name ON A FUCKING FACEBOOK APPLICATION FORUM. if you're looking for attention on a global scale...this is not the way to do it.

anyway i just have one question for you

"Do I make you ANGRY baby?...Do I? Do I make you AAAANGRY baby?....YEAAAAAH!"

Happy Year! (the newness has worn off)

the morning of day 5...and what to my wondering eyes did appear? but a whole drivel of shit from two funny bitches.

I had thought my "number 1 toy" was going to be "dellu 2" but no Golden Swan has proven himself incapable of lasting...sad i had high hopes for him...but the surprise the shock the amazement of the underdog in this rat race...yuvidev...yuvidev is proving to be QUITE the bit of entertainment...i feel energized from his's amazing just what the "young fighting spirit" can's infectious...hopefully he has the staying power to match his potential he may yet be even MORE fun than he has been so far.

Without a doubt the idiot of the year for 2010 was dellu...yuvidev is well on his way to securing the title for '11

i do plan to make the most of his presence while he's still no chainsaw...just a spoon

stay tuned to the boards and here...more than likely i can see the majority of my thoughts will be here...on a sidenote...i'd like to thank Santa for my new's exactly what i asked for.