Wednesday, January 5, 2011

Happy Year! (the newness has worn off)

the morning of day 5...and what to my wondering eyes did appear? but a whole drivel of shit from two funny bitches.

I had thought my "number 1 toy" was going to be "dellu 2" but no Golden Swan has proven himself incapable of lasting...sad i had high hopes for him...but the surprise the shock the amazement of the underdog in this rat race...yuvidev...yuvidev is proving to be QUITE the bit of entertainment...i feel energized from his's amazing just what the "young fighting spirit" can's infectious...hopefully he has the staying power to match his potential he may yet be even MORE fun than he has been so far.

Without a doubt the idiot of the year for 2010 was dellu...yuvidev is well on his way to securing the title for '11

i do plan to make the most of his presence while he's still no chainsaw...just a spoon

stay tuned to the boards and here...more than likely i can see the majority of my thoughts will be here...on a sidenote...i'd like to thank Santa for my new's exactly what i asked for.

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