Friday, December 17, 2010

My Comment Continued

For you kids just tuning in that have no idea what i'm talking about...or will be talking about's the link

Roela, I'd ask what's wrong with you...but I'm quite confident that the doctors have yet to diagnose. I'm sure it's nothing serious, otherwise you woudn't be allowed on the internet...not that you should be...just that it's quite apparent that no one is stopping you.

From the progress of your game i'd say you've got a lot to learn...or just need more time to's pathetic and just plain pitiful

511 a380s
5 Concordes
27 Tu-144s

and a stock value of $1,936.23?
Are you doing your best? If you've got any investors are you doing them proud? There are dozens of airlines with less aircraft and a higher stock value...and yet here you are flaunting not even a modicum of advice that is nothing more than a date and price for fuel...which in the grand scheme (not even the grand scheme any ole scheme will do) of things has a value of absolute zero...if a player happens to be around during that 200 dollar price time...great they've saved half of what they would have should they be around when it's 400...please note that should you not have a strong grasp of comprehension...the key to the two statements i just made are...the players must be online...if this was your greatest attempt at contributing any assistance at all to anyone that plays this've have failed in the most pitiful of ways.
Tell me...when you "discovered" this information did you prance around the room? You were filled with such pride and glee that you felt the immediate need to publish your findings in the hopes of capturing all the fame and attention you've been denied up to this point in your miserable existence. 

Oh made a half ass rambling about my job or needing to get back to it...something about gate guarding or concierge or something...must have gotten lost in translation...i'm sure in your native language what you said was quite profound and meaningful...perhaps even eloquent and effective...however i must inform wasn't. My profession is of little concern of yours however...many know that i'm afforded the ability to frequently check in on the forums throughout the day...4 days a week...many if not all of the regulars have noticed that saturday sunday and monday...i'm not around...why? because when i'm not at work i'm enjoying my time away...and having a 3 day weekend every weekend is quite during those days please feel free to make use of your pre paid internet time and continue making lewd comments and posing as an arbiter of game knowledge...people need to laugh...think of it as a way of being useful...we need to laugh at someone's expense and currently at this's yours

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  1. your test is bloody hard to read perhaps change colours