Wednesday, December 22, 2010

Going to the Olympics

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should you have no idea where the following is based.

Many times I've said out loud "what the fuck?" with the utmost sincerity while reading various board topics. While I honestly believed I knew the true meaning of that question...this fucktard comes along and redefines stupid. There are many levels of stupid...the deepest most pure level being "incoherently stupid" meaning...he has no fucking idea that he is...sad really...if i didn't know any better i would swear this fucker is giving his best efforts at being so. Every explanation and answer I offer is completely and totally reversed to the opposite. He claims i was given something in continued and constant response is...i was returned what was mine.

Anyway, what I fail to understand is his incessant use of single letters as words mainly the letter "y" but that pales in comparison to his passionate misunderstanding of the entire situation for which he's so convinced he's correct about...while it's obvious he can's equally obvious that he lacks the ability to fully understand what he's read. Should he be held responsible for his words even though he has no idea how to use them? I think so...I mean words are weapons...and so far the only reason he's "escaped the tray" is because he wouldn't know what hit him...literally he wouldn't grasp the concept of a "verbal rape" which would mean it's a nearly complete waste...but who knows he could just be playing dumb...i mean greeks are supposed to be smart...they invented arithmetic...but i guess not every greek is a genius...perhaps he's the exception.

more to come i still need to find the posts from Qatar skyways or whomever the fuck that guy is that has a "gibby fetish"

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  1. Must comment on a couple of things
    Verbal rape like any form of rape is abhorrent
    Thus if "rape "is in your mind set .A rather bad choice of words .

    2 Greeks did NOT *invent* arithmetic
    The Sumerians did to "sum " up see below

    Sexagesimal numerals were a Mixed radix system that retained the alternating base 10 and base 6 in a sequence of cuneiform vertical wedges and chevrons. Sexagesimal numerals became widely used in commerce, but were also used in astronomical and other calculations. This system was exported from Babylonia and used throughout Mesopotamia, and by every Mediterranean nation that used standard Babylonian units of measure and counting, including the Greeks, Romans and Egyptians