Thursday, November 4, 2010

No One Cares

The latest example of a pointless thread: "Getting Bored"

While not nearly as pathetic as the "I'm Leaving" threads...I still don't get the point of announcing your boredom...or your exit for that's borderline narcissistic. I mean to make the assumption that anyone cares that you're here (the forums not the planet...that would be a whole other topic) is nothing more than a stupid assumption. Nobody cares you're playing this game...and nobody cares that you're contemplating leaving/starting over/taking a break/etc. If you want to so...don't come posting on the forum looking for support and comfort...anyone who posts telling you "not to quit" is just trying to convince you really want their insight as to what your actions should be regarding this game? Everyone that plays this game is fucked up in some way...and if you're a player of the game reading this and thinking "not me i'm not fucked up" then you're worse off than're not only ignorant to the fact but you're incoherently don't even know that you don't know. Laziness and indecisiveness plague the boards...and on a broader spectrum they plague an entire generation. Not only can these people on the forum not decide what to do...they don't even want to weigh the options and choose...they want to expend their mental energy on forming a question and posing it to a random group of unknown individuals that have only one universal thing in common...they and those they ask are all addicted to the same game...those are some low standards...I wouldn't trust the majority of the forum population to decide what color underwear to put on...let alone decide the fate of my airline. In short one cares what you matter what is said and anyone who claims to have genuine concern for another player's progress is either a fucking liar or has serious attachment issues and inverted priorities.


  1. You are right in many points. But in my opinion it is quite possible to meet someone in this game and to like his (or her) nature of the commentary or the way he plays his own game and stragedy. Someone with whom you can laugh, who has a good sense of humor or just appear sympathetic. You must not be a "fucking liar" or a person with contact problems in order to claim an serious interest for the progress of a player. Or to feel about when he (or she) will end the game.

    People are different.

    They have different life experiences. Humor. Education. Social Status. Some are cold as a dog's snout. Others feel with you.

    Like in real life.

    And that's a good thing anyway.

  2. really nice said and both have some truth to it.
    great blog though.tnx.

  3. @wolp

    well sure people are different...otherwise this world would be so boring.

    I see your point...I guess once you meet someone and they become more than a few organized letters on a screen...i suppose it's possible to give a shit...but i guess i wasn't including those people...I was referring to every "tom dick and harry" that comes "down the pike"...though it's conceivable to care about their progress...the people that do are true saints