Wednesday, November 3, 2010

Helpless Guides

What would posses one to draft a document with the intention of helping others...when they have no FUCKING IDEA WHAT THEY'RE TALKING ABOUT?

Yeah...I went there.

Recently...and I say recently because it as of Yesterday a blog was created...a blog "for the people" in this blog...(or is it on this blog...I prefer "in") there is a section titled "My Guide for AM" I'd link you to it but I refuse to drive traffic to that site and besides a month from now who knows if it will still be an active link? Exactly.

So I've got one better...below is the guide in it's entirety (minus the fuel schedule that was c/p'd from the forums)

"This page will explain to you how to get your aircraft from poor to filthy stinking rich. When you do start your airline you will recieve a Boeing B737-800. I recommend that you do sell the plane so then you get a respectable amount of money. Once you have sold the aircraft buy a few Aerospatiele ATR 42-300s. You could also go for a ATR 72-500. Be warned if you get a really expensive aircraft and you only have a couple of grand left, you might end up going bankrupt. But anyway once you have got a bit of money, then is the chance to buy some expensive aircraft that go really far and you can get a couple of million dollars for. You have got to watch how much the maintenance is and what the staff wage bill is. The fuel is also what you have to look out for because the cheapest you can get it at is $400 and I give credit to GiBBy Airlines for this:"

yes...I swear that's the whole I'm not lying...yes I know it's quite brief.

But that's it...according to this guide I should buy a "few" ATR 42-300s...and/or (not really sure) a ( "a" meaning singular or one) ATR72-500...and that's it...that's all it takes to be successful in this game a few of one and/or one of another and you're all set...that is until you have "got a bit of money" (and not before) you can 'buy some expensive aircraft that go really far" (if it's possible to be any more vague PLEASE inform me I'd actually like to know) I could go on...and I probably should but I must say there is ONE thing I agree with, and that is to sell your 737 that you start with in the game.

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