Wednesday, November 3, 2010

My Vent


For seven months I've been known in AM as "Black Flight". My time with this game prior to that no one knows because I never once posted on the forums...and to be honest, at the time, I never even noticed them to be part of the game. Fortunately (or not depending) I did "discover" those forums, and I found just one more way to have fun in this know aside from making millions a day and managing the fake travel arrangements of thousands of fake people. The source of this fun is found in the player base...not the entire player base...just the ones that participate on the forums. So for seven months I've been "playing" with some of them...well the ones that have stayed...most have either quit or banned...and no i didn't have anything to do with that...I don't want anyone to be banned from the forums for any reason...ever. Why? simple really...what fun is it to play when you take away all the toys?

Over time (and I define time in this instance as seven months) I have noticed a decline in forum fun...either that is an actual fact or my definition of what a "fun poster" is has subliminally changed. I guess when you do something long enough in the same place you can make a difference...but what do you do when the difference that's been made impacts the reason you're there in the first place? I would like to think that I am among those who have made a positive difference with the players of the game...though I'd also believe that most people would disagree with that. At least I should hope so...I didn't go out into the forum to make was all for fun...and it still is...the forums are just mediocre at best...but I would call them pathetic...every helpful thing is stickied...hardly anything is searched for (and yeah i've seen the search stats) if the forums are any indication of the global population...then it's no wonder the world is FUBAR...the forums are filled with people that are a combination of lazy/stupid...ok some are just "don't know" (ignorant is not an insult...regardless of the negative connotation it has) but the "IDK" crowd is still plagued with laziness because nearly every question has been answered...and is easily found using the search function and an applicable the ignorant are becoming fewer because the "knowledge base" that is the forum is filling with qualified answers to remedial questions...but I didn't come to bore you with this story, because mediocrity can no longer be allowed to raise a glass and keep it high I vow to bring the boards if you're not entertained prepare to be irritated...and if that's the case I have but one question "How much in your face am I ?"

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