Thursday, November 4, 2010

What To Buy?


1:    B737-800
1:    Challenger 300
2:    Legacy 600
2:    ATR 42-500
1:    B737-100
1:    B737-700
2:    B737-700ER
1:    A319-100CJ
1:    B767-200
4:    An-10
1:    L-1049G Super Constellation
1:    DC-10-10
1:    CRJ 100ER
2:    ERJ 135ER
3:    Viking 1B
2:    AS.57 Ambassador
4:    North Star
3:    DC-3
1:    Yak-40
6:    MD-88
1:    B707
1:    Il-14M
1:    Tu-104
1:    Breguet 941
2:    Breguet 763
3:    Dassault Mercure
1:    Tu-104A

That's your fleet and you're asking what to buy? It seems at one point you were just buying what you could afford...then you switched it up and started buying what you liked...and you seem to have been sticking to that "logic" for your purchasing decisions...and NOW you want to ask what you should buy? Ask what you can sell...your fleet as a whole may be effective but can you tell me or anyone with any level of certainty which of your aircraft/routes are profitable? Go ahead and lie and say you can...I can just imagine the schedule you have to keep to ensure all of your aircraft remain flying...or are you a "once a day" player that doesn't care about your "frequent flyers" remaining on the ground 95% of the time?

To answer your isn't going to matter WHAT you buy...matter in the sense that it will make any positive difference to your bank bought 3 Dassault Mercures...what the fuck did you stop for dummy? You make a lot more money from those then you will from Yaks...and yet you own one of them too? why? did you train on that aircraft? you like the name? I admit it's fun to say but for fuck's sake i wouldn't have bought're better off buying stock...or excess catering (i.e. catering that you can't possibly sell before the contract expires)...the rest of your fleet is just an abortion of aircraft that have no business flying under the same company...but you must be happy with them...or are you considering you never asked for help choosing any of those...and yet here you are asking the question "should i?" NO motherfucker you shouldn't...or YES you doesn't much matter at all to anyone...least of all've already exercised your ability to purchase aircraft independent of anyone's assistance or advice...continue on with that...I can see that it's working out for you...and no I don't plan to mention you by your airline name Scott...I refuse to promote you


  1. Let me be the first to tag you on a Job Well Done mate...and you said it won't keep your interest going for too long. I think it's coming along splendidly, with each blog getting to the uncensored bit faster and more often than the last. Page 15 ladies and finally here. Spread the word!!

  2. hahahaha this is great, awesome job MC i have to say you put a lot of effort in to this.
    I enjoy it already, usually I'm not the blog type of guy , but hey I always enjoyed reading your comments and finally you wrapped it up.
    Very well done, PEA