Friday, November 5, 2010


Change, basically it means "making something...different" and no that isn't the technical term but surely you get the gist...and if you don't stop reading because that's about as simple as it's going to get.

Complaints about the changes that are going on are piling up...and though they're all worded differently they all resonate with the same message "change it back" whatever it was that was changed these fuckin' people want "it" to go back to the way it was...yet whatever was changed was bitched about because it needed to be changed...the summary of this entire post...fuck you...shit changes and not always to your liking...if you'd like to see my additional thoughts...please continue.

these people...that complain about the changes...are usually the same ones that were complaining before the change occurred. Everybody needs something to bitch about...yeah I get that...hell it's the basis of this whole fucking blog...I've already talked about how "no one cares" and believe me we/they/you don't...but that doesn't stop me from talking about it...speaking of I had a flittering thought to do a podcast instead of a blog...until I can come up with extra time or an excuse to do so at work...I will have to save that for another time (I don't know that I could have an explanation for anyone at work about why I'm talking/yelling seemingly to myself...I mean I only do 2 conference calls a week)

Anyway I'm "off course" back to these lazy bastards that post their sob stories about "how it was better before you fucked it up" No one forces you to play this game...I know that once you play this game after the first few days you have developed this false sense of commitment...but you still have the option to NOT play...not that you would ever consider that...after all you're here to "beat the game" good fucking's impossible to beat this game as it was developed without an end...there is no "last level" there isn't a "boss fight" no princess to save or dragon to vanquish...the only end to this game is the one you set for yourself...or perhaps one that is imposed by real life circumstances (court order perhaps?) The entire game and it's concept is an experiment...a test...not for the players but for the developer...making changes in the pursuit of improvement...and by and large anyone who's played this game from the beginning could basically agree that from then to now...that's been accomplished...anyone remember the game before iFrame? Yeah thought so.

But to those that like to whine and complain about the start route button being moved...or that c checks don't appear in the maintenance screen if the aircraft is in flight...can't possibly understand why those two changes were important...The only ones that give "feedback" are the ones that have zero ability to know HOW to do what it is they want changed...a favorite of mine is a 3d map...yeah we all know what it is...but how could you integrate that for every player to map every route? oh oh oh...accurately...we've all seen the threads that say "the red dot is in the wrong spot" or the "that red dot isn't where i live" NO FUCKING SHIT if you go out your front door...get your mother to strap you in the car seat...have her drive past the it covered in red? IS IT? isn't...but if it is take a picture with your prepaid. Oh and on a quasi-related the ones that like to post their trivia knowledge of inactive airports or those that no longer exist...are usually the same people that make the request for more obsolete aircraft...are DC-3s even around for any commercial air service? anywhere? I have no luck i pulled the one old aircraft model out of my ass that IS still in service...if all of this bitching and complaining is any indication of how sad your life REALLY need to get out more...or at least have some's a game...not a simulation (that's a hint for an upcoming topic)

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