Tuesday, November 9, 2010

Pax Points

"Why am I not getting any pax points? I have 1 plane on 1 route sold 1 meal and have been playing for 5 fucking minutes and I haven't gotten any pax points? WHY WHY WHY?"

Are you tired of reading questions like the one above? Me too...I can't fucking stand these idiots who believe the point of this game is to play for pax points...It is NOT an indication of your score in the game...you don't PLAY for pax points you PAY for them...that is the purpose...and that is the POINT...if you just happen to receive a few...well done...you're playing "better than average" and receiving a few at no cost is a "token" gift to reflect your dedication and focus to the particulars (morale reputation being a couple of those) This game is designed to offer no actual challenge...in fact the only challenge is deciding how to play...the rewards that are redeemed with pax points (read as "paid for") are to augment and enhance your gameplay...meaning they are superfluous...extra...unnecessary. So get it through your fucking head...you're not supposed to get hundreds of pax points a day...or even hundreds of pax points a week...hell you aren't even supposed to average hundreds a month.

However, we could suggest to the development team to make this a paid for game...charging every player that wants to play 5 dollars...only on the understanding that we would receive no less than 1000 pax points a day...actually now that i think about it...how many whiny bitches would that eliminate if we were to "pay to play"...hmmm on second thought, doing that would take all the fun out of it...maybe we should just suspend the pax point service...I mean once you get the biz jet...and i guess the extra routes what do you need em for? i've got over 8 thousand points and have yet to understand the long term purpose of them.

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