Thursday, November 18, 2010

Putting the Lazy on Blast

Who are you exactly? The nameless faceless useless free loading players? The ones who have less than 5 flights been playing less than 5 nights who actually believe they're entitled to the right not only expect complete and total disclosure but to demand it? who the fuck are you? where do you get off? you must be between the ages of 12 and 22...between the heights of 4'1 and 5'2 you may be pissed at me but i'm sure as shit having fun with you. I've noticed that from time to time it's more fun to type in rhyme. I just can't understand what would posses anyone to demand that a player take the time to post the times of when fuel hits 50 and also when it hits 200? This shit has me wondering if you're mentally retarded or just unstable...either way the only remedy that comes to mind is to issue a good ole' fashion passionate ass kicking...and while you probably deserve it physically verbally will have to do...i know i know people say it all the time to me "i'm old" and  "they're new" I couldn't give a fuck less if they're new (and i know i can't give a single fuck less i've got no more to give) but when I  WAS new...there was no such thing as a search function...sticky topics didn't exist there wasn't an evil moderator named jeff vader and the stock price of the top 10 of all time was less than a thousand dollars.

If you need a point for this post...i don't know that i can make it any sharper...fuck you if you're lazy. I'm here to piss you off...and remember it's better to be pissed off than pissed on...and no matter how much a broke ass bitch you can always afford to pay attention. The 2 minutes it takes for you to read a post will save you the 20 minutes it takes for you to wait for someone to answer around on the walls and on the ground you'd be amazed at what can be found with a few simple that's it i'm done with the jokes all you lazy folks had better expect a blistering assault before you expect the answer you came for

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