Thursday, November 18, 2010


What the fuck? I find myself asking that question more and more each day after perusing the boards. We have people seeking approval from others for having bought "x" amount of a certain type of aircraft, we have people that still refuse to understand the point and purpose of a "sticky topic", we have people wishing themselves "happy birthday" under the disguise of a different name, hell we even have people creating second facebook create a second AM account just so they can have me talk to them civil because they fucked up so bad the first time around...alex. I didn't come to the AM forums to make friends...but i think i made one...I didn't come to AM for attention...but i have it...I played AM the first time without the boards...when I restarted...I realized the boards were missing something...most of you know what it is i "brought to the table" what i refer to as my "chainsaw"...and at the height of the the peak of the insanity...I of all people was approached to be the first moderator of the boards...though it didn't take effect at that time...I decided that for all of the fun I'd had...and shared with others...that I needed to do something of merit...ok wait...that's a lie...I was just fucking tired of all the fucking questions about what to do and when to do much to buy...and when...and as much as i wanted to scream "buy whatever the fuck you much as you want" I decided you know what...the game doesn't have a guide...and about that time some fucker wrote a stupid guide that only raised more i went to work...i drafted a guide that anyone could follow, if they didn't have a strategy...they could use mine...which was a culmination of crunching some numbers...and input from the first airline i know of to announce his retirement. So i published that to cull the flow of questions...and for the most part it worked...expect for the lazy fucks that refuse to read anything...or the ones that only know how to write a post...not read one...but I'm rambling so let's get back on track.

But between the birthday wishes and all the hugs and the kisses the boards have slowed...sure a flare up every now and then...makes for fun times...but I'm preparing constantly for when the player base surges again and people come out of their dormant slumbers to awaken to a new AM filled with cargo and 15 pages of aircraft...I'm revising my guide so these fucks have no reason not to say "where how when what why" The day i can put down my tray and grab my chainsaw. Players are quitting all the time..and a few of them actually believe the rest of us give a shit...they believe that so deeply they decide to post on the one fucking cares...your stockholders do read their mail if they still play...sell the stock you're holding other people may want it. Recently a player posted a thread titled "rate bfa" whether it was tongue in cheek or a sincere post doesn't matter...that shit's funny...and what makes it better...the responses...i must say Texas Int...has quite a lot to say...talking about me but not to me...i've not ever said one fucking word to your bitch ass and you're going to cry about "equality" and "consistency"  I've been the same way since i stood a foot tall, without a care since my first fucking pubic hair, never ever giving a fuck about what people say about me, in person or online, everything's always "going fine", i don't remember giving a penny for your thoughts...but here's a dime...tell me everything you know...and when you're done i expect a nickel back. You have an issue with someone be direct and come correct, don't get me wrong no disrespect...oh wait a minute what am i saying...yes i do...fuck you and anyone that agrees with and your bullshit drama wanting to talk about the magic carpet ride...that ride is over bitch...and go ahead and pretend you're happy...but don't you EVER change your routes...keep benefiting from what you cry about...keep whining go ahead and pout...what the fuck you want me to do...if it was common knowledge you'd have never had a chance to use it and don't you dare say it isn't play this game every day and every single night and you know i do it too...yeah you're motherfuckin' right. You're with that group that wanted to spread the word of that glitch like it was the saving gospel grace of isn't it wasn' if you're really feeling so guilty about not being allowed to discuss the elite glitch...why not swap out your routes now? oh that's right because you're a fucking hypocrite...because someone told you you wanted to tell the world...funny how anyone who did tell it on the forum was warned...and then banned don't believe me ask giga.

So the question that I'm posing is

How Much In Your Face Am I?

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