Friday, November 12, 2010

The Flash In The Pan

How bored is the world?

Just last night someone had nothing better to do than to pop into a chat room and start poppin' off...if you can't keep pace in a forum setting what the fuck makes you think you can keep up in real time? You and your five best friends don't make a "half-wit" but yet your masterplan was to take me on by yourself? Now don't misunderstand you and i are equal as man...but honestly you're out of your mind and out of your league if you think for one fucking second that you've got even half a chance at "besting" me. I don't know what you came in to prove but you're lacking evidence and your ability to deliver is sub-par at best. But I've got to give credit where credit is due...sadly all that I owe you is to acknowledge your this is as soft as it gets, time to unload and go off this is a blistering assault...I've made my wounds now this is the salt. So since you want it bad enough here it comes. you came practically begging for it so who am I to deny such a wont get my best but it will've become part of the sacrifice. Just as I expected, you were set up...check mate motherfucker the game's over I won...but let's be honest, it doesn't take much for me to raise such a stink up...when motherfuckers hate my guts they don't have to say much just get me started and it's like smearing blood stains with a paint brush. Grabbing my tray and i sharpen it: hack at the neck with the thin bit, I can't explain what it is that my brain does but however it works its insane it's just plain nuts. I've got a 1000 points set aside for him if he can "man up" and take me on. I'm patiently waiting for the day I'm anxious...But you're not tough...whatever it is you're "on" you'll need some more...this is me talking motherfucker...what kind of a guy do you take me for? you want to pop in talk shit wake up and make up? sending your apology letter it's too late chump it's time to face up. You've opened up the door you can't close and gone and rattled some shit off...fuck the tray i'm blowing the dust of my settle in for the surgery you came for.I don't know who he thinks he is but I will redefine him...and if he hangs around long enough he may begin to understand that in the end it's all just for fun and I use this bullshit to my advantage but to teach this fucking bitch a lesson is a bonus and a pleasure. And the next time you're thinking of conversing with me...think of some words other than "fat" "pig" and "gay" I know it may be difficult but at least a few four letter words...I can think of plenty. But your time is up bitch...your game is've run out of quarters and I'm done with you...Banned! I do apologize for those that invested in refunds exchanges or returns

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  1. Impressive but inacurate he is back LOL
    Llama Larry