Thursday, November 11, 2010

The Next Vent

Yeah so it's been a few days since I've "vented" I was sitting here thinking of a "point" and...realized there still isn't one.
I was looking for a particular topic/subject/target and came up with nothing...there isn't any news to speak of...well at least none worth speaking of. So I said to myself (yes out loud) "fuck it" Some of the following may seem familiar...some of it may have been touched on before...but I'm just going to "deactivate my mental filter" and let're welcome to stop reading at anytime as of now I've stopped thinking.

Where do these fucks come from? I mean seriously...the boards have been all but silent...yeah a few interesting posts that flare up and die out over the course of a day...though I guess one can't expect any stamina from a 13 year can I possibly expect to make any wine if I have no grapes? But that wasn't where I was going was in fact...I know it wasn' original direction was asking where these people come from that analyze a SIMPLE, ELEMENTARY, FACEBOOK GAME scouring the game pages looking for some error...some kind of they can post to the masses that they "discovered" something? if it isn't the bitching about incorrect pictures of aircraft...or stats of an aircraft...passenger capacity...dry weight...wet weight (is that even a term...i mean dry i understand but what do you call it when it isn't dry?...moist?) these fuckers want to bitch about the lack of pax points...the lack of money...the growing amounts of time it takes to play this the question to ask is:

How can I swing this, in the English language?
Do I do it in vein, or simply to entertain?
Am I being real or am I being fake?
Am I just a fraud or am I truly genuine?
Or am I caught up in all this drama
Don’t let me insult ya, I’ma tell you once more...again
this is the environment you choose to be in...and it's all for fun
but every now and then, someone comes along that takes it all to heart
 They don't seem to understand that it's been "this way" from the start
And this is just another one of my subliminal ways to piss them off
Their hands go numb, They're stunned they think I'm cold
and i only get colder, which is why I understand it
I can’t be mad at a thirteen year old fan
with a chip on his shoulder
who only plays this game when his grades are "up" and the only way to make new friends
is to try to "pick a fight" with me again
only thing that would make him grin, is to see me frown
We all know he can’t stand me, But he needs to take his medication and sit the fuck down.

That was for know who you are...and don't think for one second i'll call you by name...i won't do any favors for you and promote fucking way


  1. Can it be that thou may upset about some special animals? No Llamas and no otters, but those which in Muslim countries should not be eaten? Thick and fat?

    It's not worth ...

  2. ** As the Dev has an unhappy Habit of deleting posts that he feels offend him (may be a language problem)

    Going to save them here

    To Dev
    In the spirit of aproblem shared is a problem solved

    So Again if you need help there is the possability of over 400 students and other fine minds willing to help

    Just this as an example is 1 phone call away

    You are but one human
    Here is the mail pal
    1 No man is an Island

    2 Never bite the hand that offers help

    3 this was offered months ago
    and feed back was !!!


    My advice there are many on here competant and willing to help
    for no reward

    Just in the spirit of helping you with the heavy lifting

    Last Time I posted something like this

    Heres is a tip

    The Llama's otters and other creatures (who shall not be mentioned )

    lets call them the STUXNET cell

    Get the drift

    @ Amdam
    Cut the bloke some slack eh

    It is a labour of love and (it is said) for little personal reaward

    This Llama lover /fog horn/or whatever will speak bluntly and in my nations plain in your face language

    But it is sincere

    Over to you DEV

    Help is out there
    If you do not use it

    Then cop the blasts as they come from the users (albeit many would not appreciate how hard your task is )

    Share the load is my advice we are almost *family* on here
    and not tainted by say the likes of Zynga

    And they still stuff up and have HUNDREDS more staff than just the 1 AM DEV

    Your call FOR FEED BACK
    What is pissing every one off is LACK OF COMMUNICATION!


    Correct ?

    Cheery bye
    in the most altruistic spirit