Tuesday, November 23, 2010

International Man of Stupidity

Of all the people that have expressed their dislike for me...EK is the most recent...unless he's done it before...of which I would have to say it wasn't memorable...so this is either his first time...or the first time I noticed.

Labeling me a cheater...well that is certainly one way to garnish some attention. If that's your label of choice...I've got one for you...starts with an "L" and ends in an "R" and no it isn't "Loser" though from your actions and statements I'm sure that one could apply equally as well...no-no...the word I'm referencing is "Liar" My account with the game falls under more scrutiny than any other. So if I'm a cheater...you're a cheater too..and don't you dare say it isn't true...well you can...but you'd have to prove it...on second thought allegations seem to be enough proof according to you. What's the matter EK why don't you like me? You want to "throw dirt on my name" why because it's easy? Is it fun for you? good...it's fun for me too...it allows me to take your bullshit...spin it...and use it to my advantage. I seem to be your target...you've only got one shot...you took it...you missed...and now I get to add your name to the list...those who have come before you...you're all equally special...but you won't be the last to take "cheap shots" at my ass...are you just bored or stupid? Well c'mon bitch you've got my attention...don't grow a set of morals and make an attempt to be the "better man" it doesn't get better it's only getting worse...you've added fuel to the fire. Who you think you are means nothing...are you looking for fame? can you taste it? it's just a game...you've taken it way too serious. So in light of all of this I have a question...it's something I just don't understand...why are you being so mean? I mean attempt...you attempt to be a really mean mean man...is it jealousy...envy...? are you just so jealous of me? am I what you want to be? I don't see why...you appear capable...not like i do anything so special or unique that anyone else couldn't do...yes even you...but why won't you admit it...you just look like an idiot when you try to say mean things about me. The way you act YOU'RE the liar if you say you don't wanna be just like me...imitation is the highest form of flattery...i tend to disagree...the best kind of flattery comes from someone on both knees...but you're done you can get up...there may be some things you're good at...but i highly doubt that's one of them...

speaking of "them" you've got a lot more in common with "them" perhaps you should remain on their side of things...do things their way...and follow their advice...abstain from postings to which you don't agree...you only make it worse for yourself and better for me...and while i have enjoyed our time together i don't think you've "got the grapes" to maintain and remain...you see this is fun for me...and unless you're of the same mind (which i'm sure you wouldn't admit) it isn't fun for you...it could possibly even be a gut wrenching experience...I hope not...since you mentioned this blog...you must have visited it...and if so...I do sincerely wish you to respond...here or elsewhere..so this is my message I'm sending you...I hope you get it...and give it back to me as good or even better then I've done so far...I'm patiently waiting for the day that someone will.

52 lines...how's that for standards. (if it's more or less adjust your resolution)


  1. Oh dear you really are a twisted bitter fuck why don't you get a life. Not that he needs my backing or do i care if he wants it.I wasn't put on this planet to please anyone but myself, but this pathetic sniping by you and the other fuckwitts that didn't take advantage of the jet is starting to piss me off just a little.

    You hint snipe and condemn but haven't got the balls to come out and say it.

    I know this is your blog BFA but just needed to let off a bit of steam at ek and go indi and one or two of the other jealous fucks on Am.

    You can delete it if you want the exercise has been very cathartic.

    Your Servant Sir

    Dan Dare

  2. Just Back from a few days away from AM (work)
    And noticed that Matt appears to have dropped off the planet along with a few others

    Hope all are ok

  3. Just read your Missive re EK
    all I can say is