Tuesday, January 3, 2012

If You Thought I was Gone...You Thought Wrong

______ NEW YEAR! (I'll fill the blank in when i've decided on the appropriate word/phrase to insert)

Now that the pleasantries are out of the way, I can start the year off with a vent/rant.

I was of the opinion for months that the boards were "dead". The few people I converse with were of similar opinion (I won't name names...not because it's beneath me...it's just I honestly can't remember "who said what" so it's best to not ASSuME) I'm going to at this time say I don't believe the boards are "dead" they have just mutated (a striking word i know but, i can't agree with using the words "evolved" or "progressed"...as those words are usually associated with "positive change"...while the word "mutated" could go either "positive" or "negative" depending on one's perception)

Mutated...yep...they boards have mutated, once a land rampant with fucktards and morons hell bent on causing drama on and the destruction of the "delicate" boards.(hahahhaa...yes laugh with me, even if you don't remember the boards of yore...please fucking laugh, it may well be the only joke today) Dozens of "knee-highers" and "nay-sayers" chiming in and stirring up trouble with their petty fucking bullshit about the seemingly important issues regarding a "grassroots" facebook game. These "people" with their false sense of entitlement brought about an unavoidable but necessary presence in the forum...no i won't say "me"...i was always there, I'll simply say "the Law"

Woah- Before i get lost down "memory lane" I'll continue, The douchebags are gone, drama levels are at an all time low, I've been monitoring the boards for months...and not a "peep" from the "peanut gallery" has been published on the boards...Which like i said before lead myself and others to believe that the boards are dead, but fuck you/me they aren't...the boards are still infected with stupidity. Tens of people are prescribing knowledge to the masses and the more they give the more is expected! It's not like before fellow old timers...it's far fucking worse FAR WORSE! "but Blackflight why is it worse?" Because there is MORE documented readily available knowledge NOW then ever before, and yet here the learned players are silver spoons in hand gladly serving these pip squeak pukes any and everything they want...and WHY? fucking boredom! OH SHUT THE HELL UP, you damn well know it's boredom, wait...it could be pity...don't want to limit the possibilities that there is just one reason why so many informed players feel the need to share regurgitated information with the lazy stupid ingrates that are fully capable of creating an entirely new thread and are more than willing to sit and wait for someone to drop by their little topic and spit into their mouths the answer they seek, or worse yet...becoming immediately impatient and creating a duplicate thread in a different category (or more) and become instantaneously irritated/frustrated that an answer has not materialized. I wish i had example player names for you...but i don't, the "memorable annoyances" of AM no longer exist, they've been hunted to extinction...OR they've evolved. Either way this is me announcing/proclaiming my observation of "new surroundings" the game has changed people...but the rules remain the same.

The Rules

1) Have Fun
2) Punish the stupid with extreme and unrelenting verbal prejudice
3) Repeat as desired

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