Sunday, June 5, 2011

The Laugh

A weekend at work...why i have to be here to "watch" server upgrade progress...i ask myself that question...the only answer i can give while remaining completely honest is "to maintain the appearance of dedication" anyway...that being said i give you the Sunday Special Report

I've titled this "the laugh" because let's face it...if we didn't laugh at this shit we would sure as hell be's pathetic, is there a word that conveys a more severe definition of "pathetic". I don't know...i suppose that, like so many other things, is subjective.

Follow along because i'm about to just ramble, and i have no idea exactly how many (if any) points i will make...i'm going to estimate one...with an accuracy of +/- 1.

NEW PLAYERS...where in the fuck are they coming from? is Sig advertising somewhere? did he buy a national campaign of billboards and newspapers? New players...i have a love/hate for them, i mean i'm glad they're here, i just hate that they forgot their fucking brain or their ability to read and comprehend. However, the audacity of some of these new players is really rather refreshing, though it's short lived. I suppose i can't expect the stamina of morons from the days of old, proof that the golden age of AM has passed....however hopeful i am that another should dawn before my passing, rest assured i'm not holding my breath.

3 twig airlines...or some such bullshit name. Quite the demanding little fuck...on day 2 of his airline managing career the little bitch proposes a "free cargo option" really dumbfuck? you want free cargo? what a selfish request...not giving one fucking thought as to why it's a "pay for " option in the first fucking place? Next time you're in need of some petrol why not roll up and say to the attendant "yeah i'd like the free fuel option" or call your mobile phone provider and ask to switch to the "free usage option" afterall mum says you're should be treated as bloody fucking punk pussy bitch ass prick. You have no clue and why should've lived a sheltered life in the cellar for the past 37 years. You act as if you're owed something...everything really. Understand it's not that i don't like you, i just hate everything you stand for...if you stand for anything more than laziness and stupidity I would be utterly amazed and yet completely disappointed that you have failed up unto this point to reveal those additional pillars of character...because as i've said you've only shown two...and they're both crumbling. You then created an additional thread soliciting your "art skills" (great a fucking artTEEST) by offering to create a logo for anyone...where this selfless offer came from i have no idea...oh wait...yeah i do, you're under the deluded notion that you're capable of creating a logo that is actually worth giving to someone it kid, go back to making greeting cards and refrigerator art with your crayons and construction paper...i'm sure mommy still enjoys them (she's lying of course)

Polypropylene or're player #12,447 to request a larger map...why you need a larger map i've yet to figure you enjoy the virtual sense of pride and false sense of accomplishment you glean by looking at your route map with all of those little white lines going to and fro? you fucking must...I was the only person that actually offered a solution to your "problem" and you tell me that it wouldn't help? and you're basing this on your firm grasp of proportion and ratio right? first of all let me say this..."fuck you" i'd repeat it...but suffice to say i'll just say you need to read it again...slowly and with conviction. Your response was lacking in both relevance and entertainment...i mean honestly did you believe what you posted or was it the "best you could do" well sir if that's your best...consider this your notice that there is ample room for improvement.

Salad Airline

Some have surmised that you're not new to the if to suggest you've been on the boards before, confirm? or deny? either way it doesn't matter. Your "legitimate" question regarding the addition of more useless aircraft has effectively been answered many times before, perhaps not about the specific aircraft, but enough have requested similarly pointless aircraft that you should have been able to gather's not going to happen. Though i do remember the "vomit commit" being requested before...not that i care to know what the fuck that is...i can't see it being added since it will add nothing new to the game. Your belief that your question was legitimate is noted...however i feel as though it's my duty to inform you that your question was ignored because it was stupid...not ignored by me...ignoring someone is rude, and i may be a lot of things, but i'm not rude. You were given more attention than i feel most believe you deserved...and it was free, far more than the "2 cents worth" you've received in your fact i'd say the financial worth of that attention is damn near a dollar...a whole dollar...i'll specify and say a Canadian dollar. We could speculate on why various aircraft are in the game...and others aren't however it really comes down to one person deciding what should and should not exist in the AM world...and that person isn't you...or me for that matter. I suppose you'll just have to deal with this game's short comings when it comes to the meager offerings of the current aircraft model catalog.

Burrows...what started off as growing to be more in likeness...your spot in the darkside is safe and you start on Monday as it's newest member...welcome to team "WINNING"

OK i think that's the end of the ramble...if you're laughing that's "awesome" but if you're crying that's "even better" because either way you paid attention...of which there is no better currency.

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