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Yet another faceless victim of an account hacker...really? that's the best excuse for being a "keyboard retard"  you can come up with? Why would anyone care enough about you and your public internet image to spend the 5 minutes it takes to hack a facebook account? Hmm I know i use this phrase a lot but it seems to be applicable to nearly every single half witted twit that's allowed un-monitored internet access...oh the phrase? "delusions of grandeur"  This egg head pretender may actually believe that he's worth ruining...and to take it a step further actually believes that the "internet reputation" one builds is actually worth something...fuck you no it's not. No one in your reality cares what others online think of's not on any school entrance questionnaire, it's not on your next final's not going to be asked of you during the interview of your first second or 37th job doesn't matter. You should have really put that "big brain" of yours to work and thought of a better more plausible reason that you decided to spill your life all over the web, that isn't the way you garnish positive is however an awesome way of making a complete and total fool fo yourself.

Another amusing act on your that you sent a private message to Chad (pang) and while i'm not able to know at what time you sent at least after my first post...and probably after my second.

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In the above screenshot is your exact message to that message note where you claim you hadn't been on facebook or AM since 8pm the previous day...which according to the timeline means your account was hacked sometime after 8pm on the 4th (3rd for me) the hacker then waited about 10 hours to then make their way to the am forums and start spewing a load of hilarious nonsense?...and then 6 hours later you some how managed to "re hack" your own account and send Chad a message that your account was hacked? WHAT THE FUCK IS WRONG WITH THIS PICTURE? you expect everyone including myself to honestly believe that you allowed your account to be hacked (i thought you were smarter than that) and then you're smart enough to hack back your own account? sorry sport you're not that couldn't hack your way out of a cafeteria serving penne ala arabiatta with a titanium tray (don't strain yourself kid you're not supposed to grasp that one)

First of all people who hack accounts do it for the glory of announcing the defeat of the one that was's very public and it's very obvious...targets of account hacks are rarely if ever able to get their accounts back usually those accounts are locked and banned. AM accounts worth hacking...none, however if you were to make a list of the most likely targets...authority figures are always the first on the least they would be for me.
so first would be the account "developer"
then "administrator"
then the board mods

then you've got to categorize the seasoned players...which that would be an order of preference decided by the one doing the...wait...i should clarify something accounts aren't HACKED that's a misnomer...accounts are cracked by crackers...not hackers. but that's another subject

anyway point would NEVER appear on any list of any cracker at all unless that cracker happens to be a girlfriend/ex girlfriend and even still like i said you wouldn't get your account back.

moving on further down the message you talk about how you have 3 misspellings and yada yada and how this and that isn't true and how this game doesn't prepare you for the business world...but what i found most annoying

was this quote from you

"P.S. tell BFA I like his approach, maybe i should change the name to eMolution..."

you like my approach? well consider this shit on final...i don't care that you like anything about me or otherwise...your approval and agreement with how i do anything is completely and totally're a piss poor bitch ass bastard...and it's obvious the only male influence you've ever had in your life is limited to that of your mother's "female friend" It's quite clear that early in your life journey when you came to that proverbial "fork in the road" you chose the "psycopath" which makes you crazy...your actions make you stupid and as clearly evident in your response to the amount of focus that you've been given while on my're INCAPABLE of dealing with the stresses of reality and you shrink away inside and re-imagine yourself as someone have no actual problems in your REAL life...and out of sheer boredom you decide to imagine you have actual hardship...however the depth of life experience can be measured in millimeters so you're not equipped to understand how those issues you pretend to have should actually impact you. so you fake it...much like the babysitter does everytime you two "cuddle" after your bath.

I caution you to quit the game or at least posting on the boards...though I emplore you to stay...i've been bored for so long and i just know that if you stick around i could easily have a week of fun. But you wont none of you ever have the stamina to last...dellu did...but he and his friends died in the lunchroom slaughter in the summer of 2010...but you won't stay...right now it's may and if you make it to july i'd be so surprised, filled with joy and oh so happy.

I'm curious emo gamer, at what point did you realize you fucked up and decided to stage your own account being cracked? I assume that you realized your error...because you were quite active on your thread until i gave you my "10 cents" (my 2 cents was free) you made just one more post and then nothing...guess your account was cracked again...are you famous in real life? I don't think justin bieber's facebook has been stolen this must be zuckerberg's bastard child...which would explain quite a bit.

Thank you all for reading...i do hope you had as much fun reading as i did writing...but as i always say "when the momentum stops it's time to click "post" " (ok i don't always say that...but i have said it at least once before just then)

Black Flight
That Guy

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  1. LOL! His email to me was sent about 15 minutes (like 830-9PMish PST) before I posted it on the boards.