Tuesday, February 22, 2011

Vent...The Re-Up

It just isn't ever e-fucking-nough is it? 800 thread pages and if the duplicates were removed the amount that remained would be so small and insignificant we would have to fire 2 of the mods.

What the fuck is wrong with...wait don't bother I already know the answer. These fucking people are lazy...who you ask? The new ass lazy cocksucking cunts that only know how to ramble and babble in the "new topic field" but have no fucking clue about the news section the front page overview that shows the CURRENT FUCKING FUEL PRICE...along with other pertinent game stats like...their transaction history. Here's a clue skippy as a rule the RED BARS AND NUMBERS ARE BAD for your stock...the GREEN BARS AND NUMBERS ARE GOOD for your stock...the exception the purchase of a fucking plane...it needs to be another fucking color or it should be recoded to show as green as it helps you...but i vote another color...orange maybe yeah orange will work...i don't think i'd mind seeing questions about the "orange numbers" especially if it were to be clearly explained in the news section prior to it's implementation...obviously i'm just kidding...as there are no stupid questions...only stupid people.

All this talk of cargo...well "whoop di do" finally the questions and topics will switch from the theme of "when" to the theme of "how" and then of course the logical transition to "why" followed closely by the bitching and moaning of all the short comings that the new feature is perceived to have. I'm waiting for someone from UPfuckingS to say "hey this isn't how it works...it's supposed to be" To that person or group of people "FUCK YOU everyone that is aware of how things actually work in the world of transportation and logistics already knows...and those that are not aware honestly do not fucking care....shutup no they don't...no matter what you think or how you think you're right...you aren't."

More aircraft...REALLY? do we really need more? as best i can tell we need 10 more...9 to finish off page 14 and one to create a new page...which i vote should be coded to say "page 16" just so people will continue to ask the fucking questions about page 15. But that's just the "motherfucker" in me voicing his opinion...the rest of me thinks the pages should be cut to 3...one page of turbo props 1 page of regional jets and 1 page of large aircraft/cargo aircraft...and that's it...3 "the magic number" other than the "museum airlines" no one owns more than about 10 different models and that's just because they want a "country sampler" (something i learned about here in the southern US it's a little bit of many things) of aircraft that ultimately do absolutely no good whatsoever. All of these whackjobs crying about how some mid ranged aircraft isn't present because of how "crucial" it was to the aviation industry back in whatever fucking decade they believe was a pivotal point in time...honestly if it can't make more...be faster...carry more...go further...than aircraft already REPRESENTED then why fucking bother? are you really going to cheat yourself out of what amounts to MORE MONEY because you want to see a LIST of the same aircraft that are all represented by the same photograph? yes we all know the wright flyer played a huge role in the history of flight...but is it necessary to have the option of making a fleet of them? I'm sure at least one "dellu" will think so...dumbass

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  1. Well BFA, with this post you are dead on, indeed you are. And... "The new ass lazy cocksucking cunts that only know how to ramble and babble in the new topic field"... PMSL!

    A Classic.